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Li’l Puffs is proud to announce that we’re now listed on Goodies For Gifts directory of delectable goodies!

Goodies For Gifts is a site dedicated to anyone who is looking for unique edible gifts to ship anywhere in the country. Browse their website to find and learn about amazing tasty treats that you can buy, share or send as gifts to your loved ones.


Love With Food Tasty Box

Who doesn’t love food? I do!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Love With Food a couple of times this year. I love that they donate a meal with every deal that they sell. I’ve been blessed with opportunities so I always look for ways to give back and working with Love With Food is a great way of doing so.

Love with Food recently launched a new Best Bites subscription program. For $14 a month (shipping is FREE), you get to discover 5 to 6 gourmet bites. Then, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts to all the full-sized products featured in your box! How great is that?! And what I love most, for every box purchased, Love With Food will donate a meal to No Kid Hunger.

December tasty box included:

  • Li’l Puffs Peppermint Marshmallows
  • White Chocolate Amaretto Filled Wafer Cookies
  • Cranberry Ginger Biscotti
  • Madecasse Mini Square
  • Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butter
  • Truffle Pig-Dark Hazelnut


For those of you who purchased or received a box, don’t forget. You get exclusive discounts to the full-size products featured in the box until January 9, 2012.

Don’t wait! Go to Love With Food to reserve your January box now. It features healthy new year nibbles 🙂

Vegans can have rice krispies treats too!

As most of you probably already know, marshmallows contain gelatin which helps in the gelling process and gives the marshmallows their shape, and if used too much, their gummy texture. What some of you may not know, gelatin is made by extracting collagen from animal parts, typically bones or skins, but some brands may also use other undesirable parts of the animal.

Since I started making and selling marshmallows, I’ve slowly been learning more about the different lifestyles that are out there. The most recent one that I’ve been learning about is the vegan lifestyle. Some choose this lifestyle due to health issues while some lead this lifestyle by choice, and others due to religious reasons. There’s a large community of vegans in my area which is probably why I often get requests to make vegan marshmallows. I’ve had so many kids pulled away from my farmers market booth because their parents are vegans and so they’re in turn not allowed to eat marshmallows. I feel for those kids. I’d hate to be denied good eats.There are only a few places, especially locally, where they can buy freshly made marshmallows. So, since then, I’ve made it my quest to develop a vegan marshmallows recipe.

This quest took months! I wish I had the help of a chemist. After trying out different “gelling” agents from agar, cornstarch, different kinds of gums, and finally carrageenan, I was close but I still wasn’t satisfied with the result. I made many more messes along the way before I settled on a ratio of carrageenan and gums to use for my gelling agent.

The result: vegan vanilla marshmallows! 🙂

I was so happy to be able to offer vegan marshmallows at the market. I still have work to do though. I wanted to see if these vegan marshmallows stand up to the tests that we put regular marshmallows through. My first question: Can it be used to make rice krispies treats?

It can! Thanks to my neighbor who is also a vegan, she made a batch of vegan rice krispies treats using Li’l Puffs vegan vanilla marshmallows. She substituted the same amount of vegan marshmallows for the regular marshmallows in the recipe on the box.

Here are pictures of the rice krispies treats that my neighbor made:

If you’re interested in purchasing vegan marshmallows, please send me an email at They’re currently available for custom orders only or at the market, and not available in the online shop.