About Me

My love affair with sweets goes way back when I was still a kid. I love food, especially  when it comes to desserts. I’m fortunate to grow up with a family who loves to eat. Our lives seem to revolve around food and where I’m from, Indonesia, there’s never a shortage of new, sometimes strange, savory and sweet delicacies to discover.

I love discovering new desserts, exotic flavors, and especially creating or recreating them in my kitchen, which led me to eventually start my own dessert businesses, Color Me Sweet and Li’l Puffs.

Color Me Sweet actually started as a project for culinary school. I made cakes and desserts to order for friends and family. Over the years, my focus shifted to petite desserts because since they’re bite-size, I can have more than one dessert! :) My 2011 dessert book is published online at blurb.com.

Li’l Puffs was born when I discovered that I like marshmallows, home-made ones, that is. I wasn’t a fan of marshmallows before, except when they’re toasted and gooey in the inside. When I discovered the flavors that you can infuse into marshmallows, the possibilities are endless.

Just as Li’l Puffs was taking off, I made a decision to close it down when my daughter was born. Emily is now 3 years old and I’m having a blast cooking and baking with her, so even though I started writing mostly about sweets, you’ll now see more savory posts about food that I’m cooking with or for her.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts and find them them useful, and maybe try some of the recipes that I’ll be posting here.

Linda Santoso

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